Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Submission - Project 2 Opening

This is basically is the opening outline of Villa Savoye. From this work, it can be seen that the most fundamental aspect among all the openings are the long horizontal windows at the side of villa savoye and the ramp windows.
The proportion is focused on the dynamic experience of the ramp moving through and a big opening at the end of the journey.

Final Submission - Project 2 Circulation

This model is focused on the circulation aspect of the house which is the ramp. It emphasized the experience of the ramp. Thus, this model is completed by using some drawings of the ramp storyboard that were placed along the ramp. As you see all the drawings from the ground level, you would feel like you are seeing an animation of the movement.

Final Submission - Project 2 Landscape

. Villa Savoye is a house located at a separated field covered by the trees at the surrounding. So in this one I focused on creating an exaggerated effect of this lanscape based on the idea of isolation. So the model is made at a very small scale which is 1:500 with a very big open and empty field in the surroundings.

Final Submission - Project 2 Opening

The model and the drawing focused on the opening of the house (Door in particular). What it does is basically creating a path that connects each of the door in this house together. It creates another form of the house from that aspect.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011